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Lawyer’s Office Nipomici Ghenadie was established in 2007 as an independent, client-oriented commercial service law firm based in Bucharest, Romania.

We are committed to delivering top quality legal services, excellent industry insight and in-depth knowledge of the local market, based on the clients’ specific needs.

We invest significant resources in understanding the clients’ business and their strategic objectives, so that our services will be focused on the specific requirements of our client.

This, combined with a dedication to professional integrity, is one of the fundamental factors that defines our reputation and credo.

The team

We are an experienced team of attorneys, capable of providing our Clients with reliable legal advisory and representation even in the most complex business transactions.

The team is established upon the attorney’s expertise so that the majority of the commercial clients needs will be covered by our colleagues.

Thus, we have collaboration with our partners in various areas of law and judicial practice to fully meet the needs of our clients in managing their business. Each of the attorneys act on the independent basis, being committed to the collaboration agreements signed with the Lawyer’s Office Nipomici Ghenadie, providing their services upon the request of our Office. Depending on the client’s specifics, one of the attorneys will be assigned as project manager, that will conduct and manage the entire relation with that Client.

In rare cases that the requested expertise is too specific, we will collaborate with other law firms which we have concluded partnership agreements with that are specialized in the requested area, so that the subject-matter will be solved in the most appropriate and cost-effective way for our client.


Our Corporate & Commercial experience entitle us to provide the full range of legal services in relation to corporate and commercial matters.

The corporate and day-to-day matters like corporate governance, compliance and regulatory matters, support for in-house legal teams, are areas where we can add our value to your business.

Our Office can provide a complete range of services for establishment of a company and all its modifications that can occur during the course of business, as well as creation of the secondary entities of local or foreign companies, formations, dissolutions, corporate changes, business transfers and contracts, assistance of the clients listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, or the clients that shall enter into commercial deals related to the listed companies.

In terms of commercial law, Lawyer’s Office Nipomici Ghenadie offers precise legal advice including assistance, drafting and assistance on concluding commercial or non-commercial contracts, obtaining special permits & licenses, as the case may be.

Our clients

Our main clients are related to various areas of the market, including:

We provide our services to worldwide clients:


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